Who is Rishabh Sawhney? Fighter Movie Villain

Rishabh Sawhney plays the role of main antagonist in Fighter. He made his debut with this film.

Rishabh Sawhney Debut

Hrithik Roshan was given a tough competition in Fighter. Rishabh Sawhney's villain character has left a different impression in the hearts of people.

Playing as Villain 

Fighter Movie will be released in theaters on January 25 on the occasion of Republic Day.

Fighter Release Date

Rishabh Sahni will be seen playing the role of Hrithik's Pakistani counterpart who is on a mission to create havoc in India.

 Rishabh Sawhney Role

From Rishabh's Facebook account, we know that he  studied Civil engineering at Vellore Institute of Technology

Rishabh's Education

Rishabh's Bio says, "Fear is the failure of life!!" Means, He is a confident person who can stand in hard times.